PREMIUM “Euro” Systems – with Premium REC Panels

“Euro” Premium Systems with 295 Watt REC Panels NEW Twin Peak Series
(Norwegian Design – Manufactured in Singapore)
Fronius (Austrian Made) or SMA (German Design) Inverters

Fronius Inverters carry a 10 year manufacture’s warranty – 5 Years Parts & Labour + 5 Years Parts Only.
SMA Inverters carry a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty – and can be extended to 10 years for a small fee.
They are Dual input and hence panels can face different directions.
Both Inverters come with inbuilt WiFi and Internet Monitoring Portal on Computer on Phone App

The Fronius Inverter Can have an Energy Meter added for $250 to allow full monitoring of Solar Production and Household Consumption online.

System Prices – Feb 2018 These are Net Prices including the Federal Gov’t STC Rebate

3 kW = $4325, 10 x REC 295w Twin Peak Panels, 3 kW Fronius Primo (or SMA SB3.0)
(Upgradable to 13 panels = 3.8 kW)

5.2kW = $6270, 18 x REC 295w Twin Peak Panels, 5 kW Fronius Primo 5.0INT (or SMA SB5.0)
(Upgradable to 22 panels = 6.5 kW)