REC 350 Watt Twin Peak – with Enphase 270 Watt Micro-inverter on each panel


New S-Series Enphase Micro-inverters supplied with High Quality REC Twin Peak 350w Panels for the ultimate in performance, shade tolerance, reliability, safety, and monitoring down to individual panel level online or by Phone App.

enphase_logo_standard_orange_gray_rgb Micro-inverter AC Solar Systems

How an Enphase System Works:

5.6 kW System only $7300 including the Envoy-S Monitoring System via Internet or Phone App
The Envoy-S allows you to more accurately see what you are using in the house, as well as the amount of solar power being produced, and for you to attempt to keep these matched.

System Specs:

16 x 350 watt REC Twin Peak Solar panels (5.6kW)
Enphase S270 Micro-inverters under each panel
Ultra-Safe AC Wiring from Roof to Switchboard
All Paperwork and Energex Application included

Add Enphase 1.2kWh Lithium Battery Modules = $1850 each
* including Installation.

These REC Panels & Enphase Microinverters carry a 10 year manufacture’s warranty.

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