Please contact Negawatts Solar on 0407760838 for a VERY Competitive Price on a variety of Hybrid Systems designed to minimise consumption from the Grid – or even go Off-Grid!
We have been trialling systems for the past 3 years and can provide the best advice on Inverter Selection, and Battery type selection – Either Lead Acid Gel (no Maintenance) or Lithium.

We have now completed 22 Grid Connected Systems with Lithium Battery Storage.


We are now also agents for the Redback Hybrid Inverter System. It has been designed and developed at the University of Queensland in conjunction with Goodwe for the Inverter Electronics.
It has a very elegant Enclosure for Inverter and Battery Enclosure that will nicely fit in most garages, or can be installed outside, if required.

This system provides extensive online monitoring, and can control up to 4 external devices via internal relays (Hot Water System, Pool Pump, etc)

Total Retrofit Cost = $8699 with 4.8 kWh of Lithium Batteries including installation
(add $3000 for additional 4.8 kWh – Maximum Capacity is 2 Cabinets with 9.6kWh Each)

Just add 5.2kW of Panels (18 x REC 290 Watt Twin Peak) for a new Installation = $3800