Blackout Power

Don’t get caught with a fridge full of food, no water pump, and NO POWER.  Avoid loss and dark nights this summer when the storms hit and the power system LETS YOU DOWN.

If you have a Grid-Connected Splar Power System installed – it is designed by Australian Safety Standrads to disconnect when the Grid fails. So it will not help in a Grid failure emergency,

We can supply 3 options to resolve this situation:

Generator Backup (The simplest and least expensive option – around $2000 to $3000 for a single phase generator with changeover switch and socket)

Simple Battery Backup with a small Sine-wave inverter sized to suit your emergency power needs (Typically around 900w load for a single fridge, water pump and a few lights, and around 1.3kWh per day of energy use). Your Solar Power System will keep the battery bank charged under Normal conditions when the Grid is available, but will not be able to charge the batteries when the Grid fails. Hence this system will run until the battery capacity is depleted. These systems are typically $3000 – $5000. See our price list for full details.

Hybrid Battery & Solar System – This system allows your existing Solar Power System to continue to supply power to the house and charge the batteries when the sun is shining – this greatly extends the time you can run without Grid power and increases the power you can supply as well.