Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide a 4 stage cleaning & maintenance service program:
Stage 1 – we record your system performance prior to cleaning.
Stage 2 – we perform a comprehensive clean of all surface contaminates from your solar panels to maximise your energy production.
Stage 3 – is a preventative maintenance check of cell condition, racking system, fixings and cable integrity.
Stage 4 – we record your system performance after cleaning and send you a copy of the report.

This service will maximise your return on your significant solar investment and maximise the life of the system.
This service will also give you peace of mind regarding the safety of all the components and wiring in your system.

A Standard Solar Panel Cleaning Service and System Health Check is $132 inc GST (Sunshine Coast area) for up to 12 Panels – then on a sliding scale up to $200 for 20 Panels.