Solar PV Inspection & Service

  • Are you concerned that your solar power system is under performing?
  • Has the financial impact of your solar power decreased as the quarters roll on?

Our solar health check service is directly aimed at providing professional independent advice on the health and status of your solar power system, so you know that it isn’t failing behind, or in need of further care and attention. The solar health check will provide the expert eye of an accredited electrician to analyse your system from top to bottom and complete a comprehensive report so you know exactly how your system is performing.

When was the last time you checked your solar was working?

Everyone knows they should check their solar power system regularly, but it may be that you forget, or you don’t know what you are looking for.

As a minimum you should regularly (weekly) check that the green LED light on the inverter is on steady during the day.

Standard inverters will provide some basic information about performance, but unless solar performance figures are extensively compared to another systems production figures in the same climate, then how would you know that the panels are working at their peak? By conducting technical electrical testing and a thorough inspection of all parts – We can give you piece of mind about your solar panel investment and help provide information about how to get the best out of them.

Rest easy about your solar system and help them shine.

Our solar health check provides:

  • Voltage tests and performance tests before cleaning/li>
  • Electrical function and range testing
  • Individual inspection of each panel to check for signs of degradation, hot spotting or cell interference (Like found in the solar cell shown in this picture)
  • Structural check of the framing system and any roof impacts this is having
  • Provide a list of any electrical compliance upgrades that may need to be completed if future works are performed
  • Further data analysis from manufactures specifications and product sheets
  • Recommended action to be taken for peak performance and how external factors may be deducting from the advantages of your solar power system
  • Plus much more.

Cost of a Solar Panel Check

A Standard solar health check is $220 inc GST (Sunshine Coast area).