Solar unlimited: How to use inverters to get past export limits – repost from One-Step off the Grid

By Matthew Wright on December 4, 2017
Modern inverters, such as those made by Fronius, SMA, Enphase and Solar Edge, now have an excellent new feature that allows you to throttle back your grid exports to a pre-set limit (i.e. 5kW or 10kW) or whatever your local grid export limit is.

This allows you to have a very large, grid connected, PV array and still match grid export limits set by inflexible grid operators or the somewhat conservative CEC, who would rather set export limits than innovate to allow households to export large amounts of solar power to their neighbours.

Many solar panel system owners are becoming more and more ambitious about what they want from their PV system, somewhat like car owners ‘hotting up’ or ‘super charging’ their car engines to boost performance.

Instead of turbo charging an engine, solar panel owners are now installing 10kW + PV arrays and over-sizing their inverters, that is, putting in a PV array larger than the inverter’s nameplate capacity i.e. installing a 13.3 kW PV array on a 10kW inverter.

It is important to note that over sizing your PV array will not damage the inverter as these systems have been designed to handle this just about since solar year dot (your inverter has voltage and current limits that will allow for PV array over-sizing).
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