Generator Back-up Systems

Installing a Back Up Generator?

In order to have a back up source of electricity in the house hold, which is often required when disaster strikes, many choose to have their local electrician install a back up generator.

We will install a 3 way Generator Changeover Switch to allow changeover from Grid (Mains) to Generator Power, and a weatherproof Male Socket to connect the Generator Cable.

Wiring can also be arranged to disconnect certain high load circuits that should not be operated from the generator, (Air Conditioning, Ovens, etc)

Rather than being without power for hours, days or weeks, the right backup generator can provide adequate power for refrigeration and cooking appliances, when needed. You should buy a backup generator that is rated for the amount of power you think you may require (in times of need). It is wise to choose a generator that produces more power than the sum of the power required by your home appliances, to avoid overloading the generator.

A Generator Sizing Guide is available from the “Generator Warehouse” who also sell Honda Generators – our recommendation – as they are quiet and reliable, and run on standard unleaded petrol.

Generators need to be turned off and cooled before refueling. Spilt fuel on machinery parts has an explosive capability, and it is therefore imperative to read refueling instructions carefully and proceed with caution.

Another hazard to be aware of is the potential risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, as the carbon monoxide can sometimes leak from the engine exhaust. It is also worth noting that every year people die from events related to back up generator use, from causes such as electric shock or electrocution. With these safety issues in mind, it would be money well spent to speak to us about the safest way possible of installing your system.

COST = $330 including installation (within 30 minutes of Maleny for single phase generator)