REC Panel Features

REC Panel Features

We recommend REC solar panels for the following reasons:

1. In real world independent tests REC panels significantly outperform others, Ranked No 1 in Photon magazine 2011 real world test, 2nd best performer in 2010 Photon magazine test averaging 6% more power output than the test average.

2. 18 x 245w REC Panels installed at our new sustainable home in Maleny – consistently outperform rated output (4.5kW from a 4.4kW Array at output of Aurora 4.2kW Inverter)

3. REC solar panels have positive power tolerances. This means that a 250 watt REC solar panel will be a minimum of 250 watts, other manufacturers have tolerances up to -3%. With an REC solar panel you get the power you pay for.

4. REC solar panels have patented glass etching process and cell texturisation process which improves power production in low and diffuse conditions i.e. sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather.

4. REC solar panels have an industry leading linear 10 year manufacturers warranty, in addition to a 25 year performance guarantee. Plus an additional 2 years warranty if installed by an REC Certified Professional Installer like Negawatts Electrical.

5. Each Panel has 3 bypass diodes for minimising power loss due to shade or soiling.

6. REC solar panels have an embodied energy payback period of only 1 year.

REC solar panels are multi-award winning, recent awards include:

Ranked No1 in 2011 Photon magazine real world test.

Ranked No2 in 2010 Photon magazine real world test.

Ranked No1 in Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems test.

Awarded “TOP PV BRAND”seal by EuPD Research

The number one European supplier of solar modules by IMS Research.

Hail testing:

REC solar panels are tested against hail damage under strict IEC test conditions.

In the unlikely event of damage, your household insurance should cover replacement costs, please check with you insurer regarding coverage.

Salt Testing:

REC solar panels have undergone the highest level of saltwater testing and can be safely used in coastal areas, a summary of the test is shown below:

Testing at level 6, the highest stressing of the modules, lasts 56 days.

In this process, the panels are exposed to a 5% sodium chloride solution. A test cycle lasts 7 days and consists of four salt spray phases of two hours at 35°C with 93% humidity. Each of these phases is followed by storage in a moist environment at 40°C, also at a relative humidity of 93%.

After completion of the four spray phases with moist storage, the panels are additionally stored in a normal climate for three days.

You can rest assured that REC solar panels will withstand our harsh climate.