Electrical Energy Audits

Home Electrical Energy Audit – Sunshine Coast

The increasing cost of electricity has Queensland residents looking for ways they can reduce the amount of power they use everyday. Undertaking a Home Energy Audit could enable you to save substantially on your power bills.

What happens during a Home Electrical Energy Audit?

During an audit, our electrician will test all of your electrical equipment to measure and record the amount of electrical energy used. They can then predict the hourly quarterly and yearly cost of running that appliance.

Why do you need a Home Electrical Energy Audit?

A home energy audit can:

  • Identify appliances that are inefficient due to age and therefore drawing more power than necessary.
  • Identify appliances that are using excess power due to repair requirements.
  • Establish which appliances consume a lot of energy and should be used less.
  • Determine which appliances have a ‘standby’ mode and how much power is consumed in this mode.
  • Pinpoint appliances using power from being unnecessarily left on.
  • Our master electrician will assess which appliance usage could be wasting energy.
  • Determine the best method, temperature, mode or time to use an appliance to save the most energy.

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Note – For Complete Home Energy Assessments, we recommend Glen Andersson – www.sunshinecoastenergyaudits.com.au Mobile: 0402115876